Chicken Cottage Mac

June 20, 2011

This is the chicken cottage mac

Sometimes good things come from the combination of  a few mediocre things.  Conceiving this meal was one of those times.  The Chicken Cottage Mac consist of 1/2 can chicken (water drained), 1/4 cup cottage cheese, and 3 slices wheat toast.  I seasoned this tower of protein and carbs with basil and black pepper packets.

I added the seasonings and cottage cheese to the 1/2 can chicken left-overs in my fridge and just mixed it all up right there in the can.  It was a message to dishes, “I will not be a slave to you”, take that, dishes! At the same time toast was happening.  3 slices of it.  Once can mixing meets toast stacked like a BigMac without the colorful stuff. beef, or hate, you’re ready for a filling meal you may or may not want to get to eat again (tastes best when eaten with a smile). :)
Courtney Kay Meyers, CKM as she calls herself, is endearing, entertaining, hilarious, and most importantly, an all around amazing person. The volunteer at the soup kitchen she frequents compares her to Carol Burnett. She is her mother’s 3rd favorite comedian of all time.

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