March 16, 2011

5 ingredients in the food version of purgatory called left-over-land came together to form 1 great dish.  This dish starts with chicken.

As a rule, if meat makes its way into my grocery cart it’s first been labeled with a bright yellow sticker that reads MANAGERS SPECIAL. This weeks mystery meat was chicken breast tenderloins, 3lbs for $4.27, SOLD!  I cooked all three pounds in a skillet first used to soften half an onion.  This dish was the third and final meal yielded from the bird, so it was time to spice it up.

I chopped the chicken fingers without their batter, then tossed them in a medium high olive oil coated skillet with what was left of their onion friends to let them get a fresh caramel crust.

Once they looked delicious, I threw in half a chopped tomato on its last leg and the tail end of a bag of spinach ready to turn. For flavor, sprinkle in your desired amount of black pepper and just a little salt. put a lid on the pan, turn off the heat, give it a shake, and wait 3 to 5 minutes until its ready for your bowl.

Top the dish with the heal of a loaf of bread, toasted then chopped. Think of it as crappy crouton if you’d like.  It’s what I had and delightfully delicious.

Courtney Kay Meyers, CKM as she calls herself, is endearing, entertaining, hilarious, and most importantly, an all around amazing person. The volunteer at the soup kitchen she frequents compares her to Carol Burnett.  She is her mother’s 3rd favorite comedian of all time.

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