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You have reached The Starving Artist’s Diet: Artist Stories page. It is my desire that the many artists who visit this page will share their stories on what they have done to create their art. When someone has a true passion for their work, they are willing to make enormous sacrifice to fulfill that calling. While the term “Starving Artist” is a gross generalization, it’s also based in reality. Most artists at one point or another will suffer for their art. Many will have to do something else in order to just create. By sharing these stories artists can encourage one another and sometimes even provide valuable tools help others succeed or just survive.

I’ve always be a believer that the value of art is in the story of the artist. The work of an artist can be copied, but the artist cannot. The combination of artist and their art is what makes the work unique and valuable. My desire is that these stories will contribute to that value.

Please share your story by sending it to Also send a photo of you, a sample of your work (if possible), and your best contact information (website, email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). I will then post it to this blog. All contributions may be edited for grammar and only edited for content with the contributor’s permission.

I look forward to reading and sharing your stories.

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